5 Altcoins You Should Keep an Eye on in April

5 Altcoins promised in June 2023

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The 5 best altcoins to watch on the crypto market in June 2023: Mainnet Optimism (OP) network will be upgraded. The Vega Protocol (VEGA) will greatly reduce its inflation. DSLA Protocol (DSLA) will launch its […]

Success Stories of Trading Meme Coins

How Normal Sized People Got Rich Trading Meme Coins

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Cryptocurrencies known as ‘meme coins’ are making waves in the financial sector, attracting investors and traders alike. Originally inspired by internet jokes, memes, or other cultural phenomena, these digital currencies have transitioned from mere novels […]

Will AAVE Price Recover and Reach New Highs?

Aave V2 Polygon is stuck with over $100M due to a bug

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A bug in the Aave V2 Decentralized Finance (DeFi) lending protocol on the Polygon network has made it impossible for users to interact with assets worth about $110 million on the platform. Blockchain security firm […]

37 Cryptos Deemed Securities by the SEC: Consequences of Trading Them

Avoid Trading At All Costs

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The line of demarcation of cryptos and traditional financial instruments has become a source of intense debate among market participants and regulators. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has emerged as a central figure […]