CryptoSlate wMarket Update: Another red day sees Bitcoin lose $28,000

Another red day sees Bitcoin lose $28,000

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Ad Over the past 24 hours, the cryptocurrency market cap saw net outflows of $29.6 billion and currently stands at $1.18 trillion – down 2.4% from $1.22 trillion. During the reporting period, Bitcoin and Ethereum […]

$300M liquidated in Bitcoin’s descent below $29k

$300M liquidated Bitcoin descent below $29k

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Here’s why alt season may be on the horizon

This is why a season article could be on the horizon

abril 14, 2023 Hooke 0

Numerous crypto personalities have suggested that Alt Season is approaching. For example, in a recent tweet, Ash WSB describes a four-step path to a «FULL BLOWN ALTSEASON.» It was about Bitcoin stabilizing around $30,000, then […]

Dogecoin spikes 6% following Twitter’s new move

Dogecoin rose 6% after Twitter’s new move

abril 13, 2023 Hooke 0

Dogecoin (DOGE) surged more than 6% after Twitter announced a partnership with social trading platform eToro, according to CryptoSlate on details. The partnership will allow users to buy stocks and cryptocurrencies on eToro directly from […]