PEPE Solutions for Breakout and Milady Whales Meeting $20M

Is Pepe (PEPE) Price Correction Complete After 66% Decrease?

The PEPE resistance zone appears to be on the verge of a potential shift. Also, Milady’s whales probably feel pretty happy with their purchases. This is the state of the market.

PEPE, the memecoin of the month, may be about to break out of its resistance zone, according to one analyst. There is a pseudonymous Crypto trader Tony recognized potential rally as market sentiment changes.

PEPE varies

The meme token has been trading mostly flat since the start of the week. But, the fake trader believes that PEPE could start to enter an «Adam & Eve reversal pattern». The trend is a bullish chart pattern in technical analysis. There are two separate parts, the «Adam» and the «Night».

The first is a quick, sharp decline (Adam) followed by a more gradual curved bottom (Halloween), indicating a possible trend reversal from bearish to bullish.

PEPE started to rise at the beginning of May, rising 348% over two days. However, the sign has done little since the weekend.

Currently, PEPE is about 61% down from its all-time high from 11 days ago.

Milady Whales Sitting Happy

Meanwhile, since its launch earlier this month, Milady (ladys), a memecoin inspired by Milady’s NFT collection, has seen a significant price increase.

The top 10 female deposit holders, known as whales, hold more than 176 trillion female coins, about 20% of the total supply, based on on-chain data, with potential profits of more than $20 million.

With a weighted average purchase price of $0.0000000037604 per token and the current price at around $0.00000012, the whales have gained 3,091%, according to CoinGecko data.


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