ethereum ends bellatrix in final pre merge update - Top Cripto

Ethereum Ends Bellatrix in Final Pre-Merge Update

septiembre 6, 2022 Hooke 0

Share this article Bellatrix is ​​Ethereum’s last upgrade before «the Merge.» Ethereum Bellatrix live Ethereum has just completed its final update before “the Merge.” Bellatrix activated! ?Next stop: the mergerSee you on the other side […]

ethereum completes layer 2 arbitrum nitro upgrade - Top Cripto

Ethereum Completes Layer 2 Arbitrum Nitro Upgrade

agosto 31, 2022 Hooke 0

Key Street Shops Arbitrum has completed the Nitro upgrade. Nitro increases transaction throughput, reduces fees, and provides a better user experience for developers building applications. Now that Nitro has increased its Arbitrum transaction throughput, the […]

solana labs ceo reveals plan for upgrades - Top Cripto

Solana Labs CEO Reveals Plan for Upgrades

agosto 11, 2022 Hooke 0

Key Street Shops Solana Labs CEO Anatoly Yakovenko addressed concerns about Solana’s network performance in a Twitter thread today. Yakovenko said upgrades to address the issues would be «rolled out over the next 4-5 weeks.» […]

ethereum merge scheduled to launch in september - Top Cripto

Ethereum Merge Scheduled to launch in September

agosto 11, 2022 Hooke 0

Key Street Shops Ethereum developers have set a target date of September 15 to 16 for the network to complete the «Merge» to Proof-of-Stake. The number one smart contract network completed its final test run […]